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Applying the Framework: Looking at Specific Work-Clusters

October 22, 2012

This is a workshop designed for specific ares of work, e.g. business, medicine, architecture/town planning, information technology. law etc. bringing together different kinds of practictioner within that area to examine how a Christian framework can be applied.  It assumes that those participating have attended either in person or through distance learning the courses on a Christian Worldview and a Christian Working Philosophy

A.  Three workshop exercises:

  1. Individuals over time – the participants trace the  lifeline of  the institution or social entity within which they work
  2. Relations over time – they look at the way different kinds of relation are opened up over the course of 1.
  3. Individuals in relation at a given time – they look at the range of different relationships within which their area of work situates them, and then ‘triangulate’ those relationships. i.e. they look at the whole web of relationships involved.

B.  Where do we go from here?  Reflect on the opening up of the different kinds of responsiblity and our Christian stewardship as God’s image bearers in the creative task.